Options for Replacing a Flat Tyre

When you drive on Australia’s roads, it makes sense to expect the unexpected. Other drivers will make mistakes, no matter how careful you are, and tyres will inevitably go flat. With a bit of prep, however, a flat tyre doesn’t mean calling for a tow truck. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about spare tyres and repair options.

A Full-Size Spare Tyre is a Long-Term Solution

Having a full-size spare tyre means buying five wheels and tyres for your vehicle, rather than four, so you’re ready if an accident happens. The main benefit of having a full-size spare is that it offers a permanent fix; simply put on one of your new 4wd tyres and alloy wheels and go on your way.

However, having a full-size spare tyre will take up a significant amount of space in your vehicle. Ideally, you’ll rotate the spare into your regular tyre rotation so it wears at the same rate and in the same manner as your other four tyres. This reduces strain on the vehicle and ensures balanced handling when or if that tyre is used on a permanent basis. When checking the condition and air pressure of your tyres, be sure to check the spare as well.

A Donut or Compact Spare is an Emergency Fix

A compact spare tyre (sometimes referred to as a ‘donut’) is a special-purpose, lightweight wheel and tyre that’s meant to step in when one of your daily tyres is no longer usable. The biggest perk to using a compact spare is its size; you won’t have to give up an excessive amount of space, and it won’t weigh your vehicle down.

However, as stated previously, a donut spare is only a short-term fix. These wheel and tyre combos are only meant to be driven a certain distance at a low speed, and they lack the tread depth required for performance in inclement weather. Like full-size 4wd wheel and tyre packages, compact spares should be periodically checked for good condition and proper inflation.

Flat Tyre Repair Kits

Flat tyre repair kits are a tempting alternative to compact spares and full-size tyre and lenso wheels combos because they typically cost less and don’t take up as much space. From patches and plugs to tyre sealants, these repair kits use a range of methods to fix damaged areas without having to replace the tyre.

Like a compact spare, a flat repair kit is a temporary fix. These kits are best for small holes, and they can reinflate a flat tyre, but only to a certain extent. If your tyre is beyond repair, see us for cheap tyres.


Run-flat tyres are a viable alternative to conventional cheap tyres Melbourne. Unlike the other solutions on this list, run-flats help ensure that you won’t be stranded repairing a tyre leak, changing a tyre, or waiting for help. Because of their reinforced sidewalls and technologically advanced cooling fins, run-flat tyres can be driven up to 75km after a puncture.

Be Spare Tyre Aware

Whether you’re taking the kids to school or hitting the road for the weekend, you and your passengers deserve a safe, smooth ride. When Australia’s roads throw unexpected bumps your way, be prepared with a flat tyre solution that suits your driving style and budget. Call us or visit our website for the best deals on tyres, toyota hilux lift kits and 4wd mag wheels.